modern transp klein


classic transparant klein


Asymmetric transp klein

Asymm. cutaway

asymmetric cutaway transp klein



Written by Marbi-online webdesign.

This collection represents the three main models. Classic, Modern and Asymetric. They are all available in customized versions. The list of details are related to the guitar shown on the site.


  • ‘Cutaway’ or ‘Non-Cutaway’ (not on the Modern)
  • Left or right handed versions
  • Woods used, combinations of woods and other materials
  • String lenghts
  • Colours and finishes
  • Pick-ups
  • Cases

My strength as a traditional craftsman, and the great advantage my instruments have over “factory-built” guitars, is the flexibility I can show in accommodating your wishes and offer customized solutions, creating that unique guitar you want. If customers wish for advice about the different options, I am more than happy to give it. The instrument you have in mind can be designed in consultation and laid down in a blueprint to be approved by the customer.