At the PTS in Boom, Belgium (now known as ILSA/Antwerp) and West Dean College, Chichester U.K. I had a six year training as a historical instrumentmaker, intersected by a one year internship at the Municipal Museum, The Haque. I started my workshop in 1992 and over the years, besides guitars, I have built and restored a wide variety of plucked- and bowed instruments as well as harpsichords.

Fascinated and inspired by known makers like D’Angelico and Lloyd Loar/Gibson, I started in 1998 making these aesthetically attractive and artisanal challenging archtop guitars.  Through the years I have designed and develloped my own asymmetric model.

From februari 2019-March 2020 I was affiliated with the Royal Academy of Arts at Gent (KASK/HoGent) as a guest teacher, guiding students along studying and re-building various historical instruments.

Trained as a historical instrumentmaker and running a workshop for some decades, I would be honoured to be seen as a skilful traditional craftsman using woods, tools, techniques and materials as they have proven themselves over centuries.